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making new material

2011-02-04 07:59:45 by AuntyBarbra

hello to anyone who cares, I have been doing things in my life, that I havent had the time to go on newgrounds, and making flash in general. I've had to be with my girl and help her through a rough patch.

It was all worth it, I havent totally forgotten about newgrounds, just have been busy with life.

update on job

2011-01-18 03:10:21 by AuntyBarbra

I have gained all my confidence back and now am willing to do animations for people in collabs.
I made 2 good flashes and am willing to help those needing an animator. Just present me a story/storyboard and I will try my best to get the job done. Just as long as it isn't too f,,king difficult.

2 good flash apps

2011-01-18 00:45:39 by AuntyBarbra

could be better, but i like them regardless. More cartoons will arrive soon. maybe with some better stories.

Ike and Mike make Pizza

2011-01-16 00:21:43 by AuntyBarbra

I gave the characters a facelift, now they look as cute and cuddly as a baby lamb.

Can't wait to see them smother a pizza together

Ike and Mike make Pizza

I am now level 1 town watch.

2011-01-15 13:30:10 by AuntyBarbra

I feel happy because it kinda shows that I am devoted to this site. I will work hard to achieve the other ranks.

have a good night

2011-01-14 22:56:00 by AuntyBarbra

I'll see you all later

As of now, I am a clock fan of the clock crew. I will update my stuff here to make myself more of a clock from here on out. I won't stop doing originals, but I want to do clock works too.

joined the clock crew as a clock fan

While I work on the game (with the help of a scriptor), I will work on smaller things. Like a confidence booster, I just want to feel like I can complete projects that i start. Make them good also.

I might as well work on that Ike and mike I've been working on recently.

I'll get into the game when I feel I have the patience and confidence to make it.

Peace out, I'll report more later on.

Thinking of making a game.

2011-01-14 12:53:24 by AuntyBarbra

I have always wanted to make a game, a good one at least. This one in particular is a run and gun, thinking of basing it off of Pico Blast, while trying not to rip it off.

You control Dvon, a retired war vet pulled in to do one last mission, and that is to prevent a plane with 500 innocents from crashing, by finding what the terrorists demand. What it should be they want I've yet to think of. it is located deep in africa, in a lab. The only thing holding him back is the time limit, and the fact that the guards arent too happy to see a trespasser. Dvon has only ten hours left to find the item the terrorists demand, or all 500 innocents will die.

I know who I am going for to help me on this run.

Well, I expect this to be at least decent. I will try to make it fun and playable to all my abilities. Sneak peek at Dvon.

Thinking of making a game.

In my opinion, my first Ike and Mike was a success, despite its current score (which is 2.50 as I write this). I have decided to make another, currently, I am working out the story for it.

My humour is geared towards a certain audience so my flashes aren't for everyone.

Other projects at this point? Not really... I'm really focused on making Ike and Mike cartoons.
Since those aren't too hard to make. If there's something you want to see in my cartoon (specifically, Ike and Mike), comment here or PM me, just don't ask me to put you in my flash, I don't swing like that.
Things you might want to see changed, added on too, vice versa.

As for now, the cartoon shall be entitled: ''Ike and Mike make pizza''.

I know, another food themed cartoon, but if I apply it in the right direction, it could come out better than most n00bish crap I see posted here on a daily basis.

Thats all for now, peace.